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OPIM is the perfect solution for busy executives who want to avoid lengthy sick time, stay at the peak of their productivity, and be proactive about their health. With same-day appointments, we treat you at your convenience, including home visits when medically necessary. Learn more...

Omega Executive Healthcare is now Olentangy Private Internal Medicine
How many times have you... tried to make a doctor's appointment, only to be told the next one isn't for weeks?
...Been granted a mere 5 minutes of the doctor's time when you finally do g
et in?

Today's primary care physicians average a roster of 2,000 to 5,000 patients annually. Inevitably, long waits, rushed care and poor access to physicians are common. After twenty years of practicing medicine under these conditions,
Dr. Ronald Miller wanted a change.
Dr. Miller and the staff at Olentangy Private Internal Medicine believe you deserve better. OPIM is a Concierge Medical Practice combining the best aspects of traditional medicine with modern technology and treatment methods. We offer our members high-quality healthcare and immediate access to their physician. We limit our patient volume so that each member's health and wellness needs are addressed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition to the best clinical care, we offer the personalized service that you deserve.

Make a proactive investment in your health--join OPIM today, and increase your standard of care! Our yearly fee guarantees you anytime access to your own private physician, and as much time as YOU need to discuss your health issues. Upon enrollment, you will receive a thorough physical examination--the caring staff at OPIM maintains complete and accurate medical records! Learn about preventative health issues including diet, exercise and alternative therapies during a personalized consultation with your doctor or a referred specialist. Even receive health advice while traveling!

Increase the Standard of Your Healthcare
What is Concierge Healthcare?
Often referred to as "Boutique" or "Specialty" healthcare, Concierge Medicine began in 1996, when the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics' team physician expressed his belief that everyone is entitled to the same "highly attentive" care received by professional athletes. Frustrated by rationed care, overpaid health care executives, and underpaid hospitals, labs & physicians, many doctors are converting to "concierge" practices. Offering accessible, personalized services for a retainer fee, the concept reduces patient load & eliminates health-insurance issues, freeing up more time to focus on patients' health and wellness.
Dr. Miller and Patient

The Doctor is Always In

same day appointments

no wait guarantee

24-hour access to your doctor

home visits in case of emergengy

preventative healthcare

The Busy Executive
OPIM is proud to announce that we have partnered with BOTOX Cosmetic and Latisse to offer you the latest in cosmetic services!

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Contact OPIM today & start smoothing away unwanted facial lines and wrinkles for up to one year!
Contact OPIM today & begin enjoying the proven results that over 11 million men & women have experienced with BOTOX Cosmetic!
Busy Executive
At OPIM, we understand the importance of having a primary care physician who understands the special needs of older patients. Dr, Miller and our trained staff are here to make caring for your aging loved one a comfortable and convenient experience for all involved. Learn more...
Offering your employees the OPIM experience is a proven way to contain rising corporate healthcare costs. We focus on managing stress, reducing illness duration, and preventing health issues before they arise. Employees are likely to stay healthy, productive, and on the job!  Learn more...
We believe in preventing conditions before they happen. We offer advice on matters such as diet and exercise, illness prevention and stress reduction. We also provide tips for maintaining your health during during high risk seasons--cold & flu, extreme summer heat.  Learn more...
Executive Services
Learn More About Private ('Concierge') Medicine
Aging Parent Care
Wellness & Prevention

'This movement will forever change American health care by restoring the doctor-patient relationship of times past.'       
                                    -The American Academy of Private Physicians
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